The Company

Tela Genova, a company guided by passion and family tradition, represents excellence in the Italian landscape. Its mastery and aesthetic display find maximum expression in the highest quality denim and work-inspired menswear. Blending innovation with deep respect for roots, history, and a design approach distinguished by passionate and meticulous research into traditions, Tela Genova has been able to offer a contemporary reinterpretation of Italy’s rich heritage.

It was Alberto Caucci, a fabric merchant, who laid the foundations for what would become the family’s history, and then his son Ugo, who chose to found the group’s first clothing brand in 1976 and create unique garments that have told a story while advancing the idea of authentic fashion.

The choice of denim fabric thus marked the destiny of the Caucci family. In those years, when this novelty from the United States began to make its way to Italy, Ugo Caucci was fascinated by it. Jeans became an integral part of their daily lives.

The pivotal turning point came in 2010 with the acquisition of brands previously owned by another company, including Tela Genova (a brand founded in 1982). Cristiano Caucci immediately recognized its strong connection to the family heritage, history, and traditions, aspects that were crucial in choosing the journey to undertake. Cristiano Caucci, now at the helm of the Tela Genova brand, elevates every aspect of it, rediscovering traditional processing techniques, exploring new technologies, and transferring his great passion not only for one of the most democratic and polysemic fabrics but for strongly identifiable clothing.

About us

“I like to consider myself the brand’s first customer, and this perspective greatly facilitates the entire creative process.” – Cristiano Caucci

Today, Tela Genova is an authentic expression of a lifestyle, representing an urban subculture interpreter of a taste deeply rooted in denim fabric. Innovation and research are the foundational assets of Tela Genova, expertly mixed with the know-how of artisanal techniques, giving life to garments with a defined DNA. Tela Genova is closely linked to military, workwear, and navy styles, where the choice of raw materials is fundamental. Aesthetic and quality go hand in hand: selvedge fabrics respect a tradition that predates the era of industrial denim, with dyeing techniques that narrate the blend of tradition and modern methods. Made in Italy, vintage aesthetics and sustainability travel on the same track. Archive garments come to life again, the circular economy becomes a raison d’être, deadstock is used, treatments on denim are reduced, and new organic, recycled, and certified natural fiber fabrics are introduced. The brand’s sustainability also lies in the mantra “produce less, produce better.” Tela Genova moves with the aim not only to protect the planet but also to tell a story that began over 40 years ago, placing research and innovation at its core.

Philosophy and Values

Looking back and reading the past, knowing how to value it as an invaluable heritage, conducting research, and innovating while respecting time, people, and the environment.

Finding traces in the past, clues, and elements must be interpreted and lead to building a new aesthetic, one that characterizes the personality of Tela Genova: the Contemporary Heritage style. Heritage is a significant element in contemporary times.

High-quality raw materials are essential. Searching for precious fabrics that can withstand modern use is a mission. Working with and treating traditional fabrics requires skill and specific expertise; it’s a vocation.

The DNA and collections reflect a green sensibility and spirit. Environmental responsibility is closely linked to social ethics and the value of human relationships. Sustainability is not a trend, and there is always room for improvement.

Habits don’t exist. Discovering, interpreting, and telling the unbreakable bond with denim fabric through creativity is what nourishes the mind.

A connection that originates from empathy, a “Made in Italy” experienced through profound territorial significance. Combining values and quality, merging style and craftsmanship with the quality of sustainably sourced natural fabrics. Creating garments capable of lasting over time.



F.G. 1936 SRL
Viale Abruzzi 127, Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata


Via G. Sirtori 25, 20129 Milano


PAD. 14
Via Morimondo 26, 20143 Milano
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